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WHY EVEN GOOD FISH OILS ARE NOT ENOUGH Udo clarifies the issues around FISH vs FLAX, and the ALA / DHA controversy. Are fish oils REALLY good enough?
THE LIFECO ARTICLES SERIES Reprinted by permission from LifeCo's website. 5 articles by Udo on Life, Fats, the Environment, Health & Happiness!
Lack of essential fatty acids (EFAs) constitutes the most neglected aspect of a nutritional program for healthy, radiant skin.
Role of EFA's, Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics, Fibre, Greens & Phytonutrients in maintaining and enhancing digestion.
OSTEOPOROSIS, EFA's and Other Nutrients The importance of essential fatty acids (EFAs) in the mineralization of bone and in the prevention of bone mineral loss that leads to osteoporosis.  Includes reference citing 78 research sources.

White House tells USDA and HHS: Increase omega-3 / EFA; Decrease Trans Fats In light of the current announcement by Washington, Udo reiterates the necessities of omega-3 fats in the human diet; their effect on cells, organs and reversing chronic degenerative disease.
FDA Requires Trans Fat Labeling on Foods by 2006 In a years’ time, health-damaging trans fats will require listing on labels. The research is strong, the industry resistant, and the FDA has—finally—been forced to face the issue for the sake of the citizens.
Udo's Choice™ Food Pyramids FOOD PYRAMIDS are normally "standard-government-issue" models that advise entire populations on how calories should be ingested. Udo's take is quite different. Free from the influence of lobbies and food-industry pressure...
MEMORIALS: Dr Robert C Atkins & Dr David Horrobin Udo acknowledges the passing of two great figures in the field of fats and nutrition: Dr Robert C Atkins, and Dr David Horrobin.

How to Prevent Jet Lag Udo explains how he minimizes the effecst of Jet Lag during international travel by utilizing natural products to "reset" the Melatonin cycle.
From Fat to Fit Udo examines the phenomenal growth of obesity in our society and the disastrous approaches taken by science and government in developing the mythology of the "fat-free" diet.
Humans Turn ALA (Udo Oil) to EPA/DHA (Fish Oil) Udo discusses the arguments for and against the use of fish oils versus plant-based oils to supply Essential Fatty Acids.
Flax Oil & Prostate Cancer
With references to 30 research papers and drawing on over two decades of experience at the cutting edge of fats & oils research, Udo Erasmus examines the controversy linking flax seed oil to prostate cancer.
EFAs: Women & Children's Health Udo outlines the increased demands on child-bearing mothers with regard to EFA deficiency and how this demand increases with successive pregnancies.

Weight Management - Highlights Weight Management schemes are a dime a dozen; most ignore the simple fact that "it's not FATS that make you FAT..."!! Udo Erasmus summarizes the metabolic processes that turn starch and sugars into fat and outlines how essential fats can actually keep you slim!
Summary Recommendations On Oils Udo describes his preferences in the formulation of his Udo's Choice Oil Blend ™ and addresses some of the popular misconceptions regarding the efficacy of commercial oil products.
Athlete Study (Denmark) Highlights In 2001, a study was carried out with over 61 physically-active participants representing a wide variety of athletic disciplines.
How Bad Are Cooking Oils? Both manufacturers and retailers are misleading the public in offering commercially-refined oils for sale that are literally poisoning our human bodies.

Fitness Fats & Misfit Fats The human body needs "fitness fats" in order to achieve optimum athletic performance, stamina and recovery speed. However "misfit fats" can actually produce a deficit in athletic ability and rob athletes of that needed edge for competitive excellence.
Fats That Heal Fats That Kill - The Complete Lecture Links & Highlights to Individual Pages of the "Fats That Heal..." Lecture: "Killer Fats", The lowdown on EFA's, Pets and animals, Weight reduction
Health problems due to EFA deficiency, Effects on major body systems, Recommended dosages, 'Minor' ingredients of oils.
Celiac Disease, Oats & Udo's Choice ® Oil Blend Before 1995, the assumption was always made that oats are part of the grain group that causes celiac problems including diarrhea, intestinal erosion, impaired absorption, and allergic reactions due to immune activation. But several new studies, all published since 1995, find this not to be true.
Why I use EPO, not BO in Udo's Choice ® Oil Blend
Udo is often asked why he uses Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) rather than Borage Oil (BO) as a source of GLA in Udo's Choice Oil Blend.

Bleeding Gums & Super-5 Probiotics Dentists and patients report that after a few weeks of sucking on a Super-5 probiotic tablet after each meal, many patients' gums stop bleeding. The benefit is especially noticeable in older people. Why does this happen?
CLA: Conjugated Linoleic Acid
CLA has attracted a lot of attention over the past few years, some through the media, but far more through health and fitness magazines. Many claims for benefits have been made for CLA, from weight loss, to antioxidant, anti-cancer and, more recently, to diabetes and cardiovascular disease as well. Is CLA all it's been cracked up to be?
The Right Fat Diet This article talks about the origins of Essential Fatty Acids ("EFA's", omega 3 and 6); their benefits and symptoms of deficiencies. Udo also discusses the myth of the "no-fat diet craze" in contemporary society.


“Fear of failure is based on not having chosen to be the lead dog in our own existence.

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