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Udo's Choice Food Pyramids - Healthy Diets with Omega-3 Fats
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Time has proven that the government-ordained food pyramids are inadequate as health guidelines. In May, 2003, the White House strongly recommended that the US Departments of Agriculture and Health & Human Services revise the food guide pyramid and dietary guidelines to increase omega-3 and decrease trans fats for better health. (Click here to view the White House press releases) Udo has written two articles on this subject, White House tells USDA and HHS: Increase omega-3 / EFA; Decrease Trans Fats, and FDA Requires Trans Fat Labeling on Foods by 2006.

Udo's 3 Diet Pyramids are for consideration for adults who fall into one of the three following catagories: HEALTHY PEOPLE (people who are near normal weight who have no major health problems); SICK PEOPLE (people who suffer from chronic degenerative diseases); and ACTIVE PEOPLE (people such as professional athletes, construction laborers and fitness buffs who burn more calories in physical activity than average). Click on each one of the above pyramid icons to see the full diagram. These pyramids illustrate general dietary principles; they are educational in nature; individuals should consult with health care professionals before making dietary changes.

THE CANADIAN AND AMERICAN FOOD PYRAMIDS: (note these versions will soon be replaced with 2011 updates!)

Here are links and brief descriptions / diagrams taken from the CANADA FOOD RAINBOW and the USDA FOOD PYRAMID. We offer these simply as reference guides and points of comparison with Udo's Choice Food Pyramids.

Click for Canadian Food Pyramid
Click here for USDA food pyramid



Udo's Choice™ Food Processing Pyramid: omega-3 and EFA's are destroyed by manufacturing

There is no doubt - after decades of supporting research - that processing and manufacturing techniques, created primarily to manipulate flavor and extend shelf-life, have contributed significantly to the epidemic levels of chronic degenerative disease that plague modern society.

Udo's FOOD PROCESSING PYRAMID stresses the importance of raw, whole, fresh foods, and de-emphasises highly-processed food items which are linked to degenerative disease.

Click on the PYRAMID for Udo's definitive guide to the pro's and con's of food processing!

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Udo's Choice™ Food Preparation Pyramid: learn how to preserve Omega-3, EFA's and vital nutrients

For all you folks who love to brown and barbeque your foods, watch out! The following will not be music to your ears! In this Pyramid, Udo grades the different types of food preparation techniques in order of benefit to health.

Click on the Pyramid for more details!

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NOTE: Udo's Choice Health Pyramids are general guidelines based on optimized health through proper nutrition. We recommend that individuals consult with health care professionals before making changes to their diets.

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